SOA Governance

Hello All,

Like to discuss about some of the key governance features offered by many of the industry leading application servers like BEA weblogic, Oracle Application server etc in relevance to SOA governance Webservices form the back bone of the Service Oriented Architecture and SOA governance features offered by application servers are around web services

Some key features are described below

Service Abstraction -> Provides service abstraction to seemlessly move from Source A for certain services to Source B of some other services without distrubing any of the client applications that is already built on Source A. A good example is let us say your organization want to switch the payment services from Bank A to Bank B, then this is helpful

Quality Of Service -> Some of the QoS features built around are listed below Track the performance of every WS call made Number of Calls Succeeded and failed Average uptime / downtime of services during a day Alerts / Notifications on service degration to Administrators Tracking input / output soap messages etc

Security -> Can provide built in security features related to who can access what kind of services / operations within the Organization so that these kind of security related logics need not be embeded in the application code

Refer to Oracle Web Services Manager for more details or BEA Aqualogic Registry


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