Balanced Score Card

Hi All,

Listed below some of the key perspective of a Balanced Score Card

  1. Financial -> How do we do financially?
  2. Customer -> How do we appear before our customers?
  3. Internal Processes -> At what proesses we must excel?
  4. Learning and Growth -> How do we sustain our ability to change and grow?

What a Balanced Score Card contains?

  1. Strategies -> List of high level goals. For example “Increase market share”
  2. Objectives -> Action plans to execute strategy. For example “Increase Customer Satisfaction”
  3. Measures -> Ways and means to measure objectives. For example “Rating customer satisfaction in range of 1 – 10”
  4. Targets -> Desired level of performance for identified measure. For example “Acheive 9.9 / 10 average customer rating”
  5. Initiatives -> Key initiatives to put in place to achieve the desired target. “Train Staff in Problem Resolution Skills”

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