The Five Temptations of a CEO

Read an interesting Business Novel “The Five Temptations of a CEO” by Patrick Lencioni. Thought of sharing the five temptations highlighted in the novel through this blog

Temptation 1 : Though most CEO’s are result oriented before reaching that position, after reaching it instead of focussing on results, they are worried and spending time on whatever they can do to protect their status. This is no good for the company

Temptation 2 : With a desire to become well liked by peers, most CEOs do not hold their direct reports accountable for delivering their commitments that drive results

Temptation 3 : Most CEOs with a desire to make absolutely perfect decision, they tend to delay making decisions / no decisons and obviously no decision / slow decision is absolutely of not good for the good company.

Temptation 4 : Most people, including CEOs, believe that it is better for people to agree and get along with than disagree and conflict with one another. This is not good as most of the times the best decisions are made only after all knowledge and perspectives are out on the table.

Temptation 5 : The last and final temptation is the desire for invulnerability instead of trusting your reports and encouraging them to challenge your ideas


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