Monkey Business By William Oncken III


Read a very interesting book “Monkey Business” by William Oncken, III. I would recommend this book for any managers / leaders in any field

This book would help managers to eliminate reverse delegation by training their employee to become self reliant members and freeing yourself to add more value added activities for your Organization

The monkey here simplfy refers to the next move to resolve  a problem, make progress in  a project or capitalizing an opportunity and the author provides good tips and tricks on keeping the Monkeys on the proper backs (Subordinates)

He also talks about Oncken Freedom Scale that explains the five levels of initiatives the subordinates can exercise in relation to their Boss

They are

  1. Act On Own and routinely report (Highest Initiative)
  2. Act but advice “@ once” (This is anything more frequent than routine)
  3. Recommed and then take resulting action
  4. Ask what to do
  5. Wait untill told (Lowest Initiative)

It says we can avoid people of type level 4 and 5 by having a clearly defined Job roles and responsbilities. Level 3 people are the ones who take thier own initiatives and Level 2 and Level 1 people are the ones who started @ level 3 and gained their manager’s confidence and got required authority to move to level 2 and then 1


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