Five Shot formula for Success of Individuals / Corporates

In a speech by Harsh Manglik, Chairman of NASSCOM he narrated the five keys of success for Organizations as well as Individuals

  1. The first and foremost one is Sapne (Dreams) – The mental pictures that you form in your mind on what you would like achieve in your life, is the ultimate driving force for anyone to achieve something significant. Mr. Narayana Murthy’s dream is not only about creation of a word class corporation but a corporation that is well respected by others. Definitely it is a dream comes true for him now.
  2. The second is Himmat (Courage) – Courage is essential to convert your dreams to reality. If you don’t have the confidence in you / in your Organization to chase your Dreams then Dreams just stay as Dreams. What can be a better example for Courage, than Mahatma Gandhi’s Courage of non violence? If he didn’t have that courage to stand against the British Raj, that too with non violence as a means to achieve it, we wouldn’t live in a free India today.
  3. The third is Tapasya (Sustained effort) – You have the dreams, you have the courage and self confidence to achieve your dreams, but your dreams can’t become reality unless you put sustained and focused effort towards achieving  it
  4. The fourth is Humdardi (Empathy) – Most likely in a corporate environment dreams are seldom achieved with only individual’s effort. It requires a support of team with whom you work to achieve and keeping the team together definitely requires your empathy for them. Willingness to share the benefits of something that you achieved together is very important
  5. The last is integrity – No need to detail the need for this as we have seen examples of many Organizations that fell down from pinnacle just because of lack of Integrity. Can we forget Satyam scandal?

What a wonderful insight? Doesn’t seem to be a sure five shot formula for long term success?


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