Passing paramters through URL to filter report data


Many of you would like to surface the reports in form of web links / web applets in OnDemand to present some data using weblinks / webapplets.

To do same you might be obviously interested to pass some parameters from OnDemand to filter the data displayed by the report using report Prompts feature. To give an example show only Service Requests of with status not “Closed” under Account screen. The way to do it is configure the URL like below Order Asset Lookup&Options=r&Action=Navigate&P0=2&P1=eq&P2=Account.TEXT_61&P3=&p4=”


P0 – Refers to number of prompts by which report to be filtered

P1 – Refers to the operator to be used for filtering for the first prompt

P2 – Refers to the actual report field that is prompted by which data to be filtered and

P3 – refers to the value of P2 by which report to be filtered. This is generally passed dynamically as weblink parameters like the Service Request ID depending on whatever the ServiceRequest the user is viewing

Extend the above with P4 and above if there are more filters to be passed where P4 refers to the second prompt operator, P5 second prompt field and P6 second prompt value

The possible values of operators that can be passed is below

  1. eq Equal to or in
  2. neq Not equal to or not in
  3. lt Less than
  4. gt Greater than
  5. ge Greater than or equal to
  6. le Less than or equal to
  7. bwith Begins with
  8. ewith Ends with
  9. any Contains any (of the values in &P3)
  10. all Contains all (of the values in &P3)
  11. like Is like (Type %25 rather than the % wildcard)
  12. top In the top n (&P3 contains 1+n, where n is the number of top items)
  13. bottom In the bottom n (&P3 contains 1+n, where n is the number of bottomitems)
  14. bet Between (&P3 must have two values)
  15. null Is null (&P3 must be 0 or omitted)
  16. nnul Is not null (&P3 must be 0 or omitted) 

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