Why should you join CRMIT?

I thought of sharing this interesting experience of meeting one of the Ex CRMITians who recently left the Organization. Though unfortunately the place of meeting was Hospital, it provided an opportunity to understand how CRMIT is different

He is a J2EE expertise who had won award in CRMIT as a best performer. Though he thought he would be placed in SaaS / CRMOD related area in the new company (One of Top 5 IT service providers in India), lately he realized that he is placed in generic CRM practice group where he can be placed into any of the CRM products related projects due course. It is definitely a shock for someone who has built all his experience in SaaS / CRMOD and later to understand that he can be asked to work with one of the few thousands of developers in any CRM product ultimately losing all his learning curve which could potentially help him to quickly move up in the new Organization than others

The next blow to him is to understand lately that he has to work in .NET technologies and not in J2EE as the project to which he is allocated is .NET based. Interestingly till he joined that project group nobody is even aware that he is a J2EE guy and assumed our man is a .NET expert. Knowing the fact later, they didn’t provide an opportunity to change, but asked him to go through a self learning crash course to make him a .NET expertise (?), another blow to his J2EE expertise he built all these years

On positive side to CRMIT, he got a chance to meet people who work in CRMOD in the CRM practice group and they were excited to know that he is from CRMIT, the reason CRMIT is the number 1 solution provider in CRMOD forum next to an expert from Oracle and whenever the people at managerial level get a chance to meet Oracle Sales folks they always mention CRMIT either as a tough competitor or a complementors (CRM++, Sub contract) and hence even folks at senior managerial level in the top 5 IT company knows who we are!!!

 Now regarding the topic of email “Why Should you join CRMIT?”, contradicting to the experience by our Ex CRMITian, here in CRMIT we provide you the full flexibility to align your career path (Technical, Business, Managerial etc), Switch groups (CRMOD, Siebel Enterprise, generic J2EE projects, Training, R&D etc), provide an opportunity to work in technology of your choice (J2EE, .NET etc), choose the kind of clients you would like to work in (Australia, USA, APAC), change delivery teams if you like to, provide an opportunity to be onsite / offshore  and more than that a flat organization where everyone’s contribution is presented every level above and appreciated at all levels from Module lead to the Managing Director of the company

 Does it emphasis that we are we different then? Does it provide a reason why we still have low attrition irrespective of companies like Infosys with their Brand and Size experiencing 20% attrition last quarter? Yes we are different and that is CRMIT. Also let me share you CRMIT never lost a single employee so far to a company of CRMIT size or less than that. People who left CRMIT have only joined the top 10 IT services company or settled abroad like USA, Australia etc.

 Though we are not paymasters, we strive to match the Industry pay, have an effective transparent Variable Compensation scheme in place and we are also committed to provide you best career here which only means the MORE NUMBER OF YEARS YOU STAY IN CRMIT, YOUR VALUE GROWS EVER, NEVER DIMINISHES

 Saying all this, if someone decides to leave CRMIT in future, we would wish to our heart a very best career and ensure you leave CRMIT hassle free / as a happy Ex CRMITian. If you ask me a question, are we going to be like this even if we grow bigger and bigger unlike big ITES? Yes we would and it would be one of our goals to make this culture as part of CRMIT DNA!!!


3 thoughts on “Why should you join CRMIT?

  1. Hi Venky,

    It is nice to hear your experience with Ex-CRMITian.When somebody joins bigger companies they loose identity in big crowd.(Currently I am also experiencing the same)
    CRMIT is young,dynamic and bright company in CRMOD practice.
    I wish you all the best to make it to top in this niche area of CRM.

    Best regards

  2. Hi Venky.. I am excited going through the experience you shared .. Each of the fact you have mentioned are true .. While I left of course I had other ground but on personal front I have lost the limelight what I used to have once .. But we have to sail through all these happenings and have to move on .. I wish all success and greater heights of achievements for CRMIT from the bottom of my heart. Hope your leadership will definitely give CRMIT the edge to take it to the blue chip level. All the very best. Proud to be a Ex-crmite .

  3. It is nice on ur behalf that u are projecting real crmit to the world.I strongly agree by u . Though i am a trainee and i have joined this company very recently and i don’t know about the company but i know what ever u have said ,CRMIT is more that that… I am proud to be CRMITian.

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