Performance Evaluation …

The word Performance Evaluation brings in jitter to many people in an Organization due to the un-comprehendible forms used for it and more importantly the not understandable & unacceptable results that comes at last after the very long evaluation process

Recently went through a reading which used simple metaphors to describe various performance ratings. This is not only comprehendible but if explained and agreed upon by quoting right incidents during the appraisal cycle it can be acceptable too to both the parties. Offcourse understanding where one stands is the first step for improvement 🙂

The summary is in the below table 

Performance Factors Exceeds Expectations Meetings Expectations Needs Improvement Below Expectation
Quality Leaps the buildings with a single bound Must take a running start to leap over tall buildings Crashes into the building when attempting to jump over them Cannot recognize the buildings at all – What is more to jump?
Timelines Is faster than a speeding bullet Is as fast as speeding bullet Would you believe a slow bullet? It is of no use Wounds with the bullet when attempting to shoot gun
Initiative Is stronger than a locomotive train to pull it through Is strong as an elephant Shoots the bull Smells like a bull
Adaptability Walks on the water consistently Walks on emergencies Drinks water Passes water in emergencies
Communication Talks with God Talks with Angels Argues with himself Looses those arguments

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