Competetive Strategies …

Let us assume you are a midsized firm who specialize in implementing CRM solutions and now keen to get into the domain of mobile CRM as you find its future promising. To come out with a strategy for the same, the first step is to understand under which competitive bucket you fall in.

 The options available are 

  1. Be a market leader
  2. Market Challenger
  3. Market Follower or a
  4. Market Nicher 

Considering the fact that mobile CRM is reasonably proven space now and there are established players in this market offering products that cater this market needs, you are not definitely a market leader 

The next option you can look for is to become a market challenger where you have to come up with some innovative ideas to position yourself firmly against the competitors like how Dell positioned itself as a Computer Manufacturer with “Mass Customization over web as serving business platform” 

If you think you don’t have either a great idea or dont have the other requires resources (financial / people etc) to bring your idea to reality, the next option you have is to be a Market Follower 

When you are a Market follower, essentially you have the below options to compete 

  1. Counterfeiter: It is nothing but illegally cracking other products, manufacturing, packing and selling it in duplicate markets. This is very common in durables market and not a right path for you to get in if you are in IT due to prevailing rules and regulations around IP protections, copyrights and more educated and knowledgeable customers 
  2. Cloner: Just copy the functional specifications of what competitor has, build it by yourself and sell it in the same market at a competetive price. After all you have not innovated it or took the risk and you would have saved lot & shielded yourself from all kinds of product failure risks by not being an inovator. So pass that benefit to the customer 
  3. Imitator: It is one step ahead of Cloner where you also differentiate yourself by building some nice to have features which competitors doesn’t have. It may help you bargain a better pricing or in par pricing when compared to leaders or challengers in the space. The last one is 
  4. Adapter: Get into the business of implementing / customizing the products from market leaders to suit the segmental needs and make business out of it. This is as good as implementing many of the commercially off the shelves products available in the market  

In case of Market Nicher (the last bucket), essentially the idea is same as Market Follower – Imitator strategy but chose the value additions in such a way that it caters to the specific needs of an under served customer segment by existing products from existing leaders in the domain of Mobile CRM. To give an example let us say the existing products server only mCRM in high end mobole, you can look for a product with good features serving the low end mobile phone customers (assuming there is a potential in that segment). This helps you to position yourself firmly in a narrow segment and get maximum mileage of that 

 (Theoritcal inputs / reference – Marketing management by Philip Kotler & Others)


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