How to motivate employees?

See below an interesting picture which gives an understanding on what makes an employees satisfied or unsatisfied in a work place (Source “One more time : How do you motivate employees? by Frederick Herzberg)

Make a note of  below observations

1.       On items of Satisfaction, people attribute these factors to themselves, On items of dissatisfaction, people attribute these factors to others J

2.       Also opposite of Satisfaction is not dissatisfaction, it is only “no satisfaction” and vice versa. So removing un-satisfaction is not going to bring satisfaction and focus should be removing unsatsifaction as well as bringing in satisfaction

3.       Interesting to note that “Company policy and administration” is a key dissatisfaction factor. Many in bureaucratic environment would agree to it readily

4.   Note the fact that many of the dissatsifaction factors are only “hygiene” factors which could be easily solvable unlike “Motivators” which brings in Satsifaction and are tough to put in place. Improving hygiene factors would be a quick win

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