What is your cloud story?

Yesterday I attended the Cloud Conclave 2011 conference in IIM Bangalore. It is sponsored by http://yourstory.in and out of 100+ submissions they received from companies leveraging the cloud technologies, they selected five and asked their founders to speak in the conference.

Most interesting part is they are all companies started in last 2 – 3 years and gained significant reputations in a short span of time by leveraging cloud solutions like http://aws.amazon.com/, http://www.microsoft.com/windowsazure/ etc.

They presented their story to Shalinder of Sequoia for next level funding (?) and Dr Werner (CTO of Amazon WS). The top 5 that won the award are below.


These guys provide a robust framework to develop applications in SaaS framework in .NET technologies. The framework basically takes care of all basic needs to leverage the cloud technologies like Multi-tenancy, data isolation, data scoping, access control, configurability, customizability, performance and scalability are all engineered right in to the Framework. They got Gartner cool vendor award in 2011


They provide enterprise mobility solutions. They claim to provide a mobile applications development framework on HTML5 which is completely device agnostic. Applications developed using their framework are cross-platform compatible (Blackberry, iOS, Android, Symbian), Offline capabilities, Bar code scanning etc. They offer trial version and it is worth developing some applications using the same


A mix of products and services based company providing solutions in multiple verticals and coming up with frameworks / products to handle cloud related issues (Remote administration), seamless application delivery over cloud, intelligent analytics over information transfer on networks etc


End to end property management solutions with embedded Booking engines, Point of Sale terminals, online payments, pre-integrated with 100s of travel website etc. They have customers from more than 35 countries. Like CRM OnDemand they offer a trial version and if you like it you can convert to a production system


They provide cloud based telephony platform at real low cost which they claim as their competitive advantage over other solutions. Suitable to deploy for large institutions and call centers. You can request for an online beta solution

Dr Werner spoke about Amazon cloud services, most of them are something that we are aware in terms of cloud advantages but he presented Cloud as the cost efficient ways of showcasing the talents of young entrepreneurs (pay as peruse than buying your own hardware, software etc)

Mr. Vaidaynathan (Ex VP of CTS) presented about his Social Venture http://www.classle.net/, a social networking site for learning. Primary intention is to help out the poorer sections of the society. Their revenue model is on basis of selling meaningful analytics generated from social interactions to people who are interested.

Also came across a whole lot of interesting applications in Amazon platform leveraging pay per use model of Amazon.

http://animoto.com/ – You upload your photos, it tries to understand the patterns and gives our a beautiful video

https://www.dropbox.com/about, http://www.slideshare.net/ and http://www.smugmug.com/ Hosted platform to share your presentations, videos etc

http://zengatv.com/home.zenga – Online movies

http://kuliza.com/ – Hosted social networking platform for enterprises like Salesforce chatter

http://www.druva.com/ – Hosted backup solutions for enterprise needs

http://www.systap.com/bigdata.htm – High performance hosted platform for data intensive distributed computing

http://www.evernote.com/ – Solutions to remember everything 🙂

http://www.via.com/ – Travel portal

http://www.scioinspire.com – Health care solutions provider

http://www.pinelabs.com/nova.html – Loyalty management solutions

So what is your cloud story?


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