Oracle’s CRM products positioning ….

If you are one among many Oracle customers / prospects confused about Oracle’s CRM products positioning, this blog might help you ….

Oracle’s answer to customer CRM needs was pretty much clear before it started rolling out Fusion CRM and acquisition of Rightnow Technologies as there were only 2 major CRM products before Fusion CRM roll-out and acquisition of Rightnow Technologies.

  1. Siebel CRM – Primarily targeted for large enterprise customers who are looking for an @Customer (The application hosted in-house) model with niche industry-vertical functions and
  2. the other is CRM On Demand for customers looking for CRM in Software As A Service (SaaS) Model in-line with

With roll out of Fusion CRM and acquisition of Rightnow Technologies, we are now looking at four different products from Oracle in CRM space. Though Oracle is pretty much clear in its product positioning, there is a confusion in the market space.

The first step is to understand the reason behind the above two actions of Oracle.

  • Rightnow technologies before Oracle’s acquisition is a strong competitor to Oracle CRM On Demand in Software As A Service model (SaaS) as it has a pretty strong Customer Service and Support functions built-in with some sketchy Sales & Marketing functions. Oracle’s acquisition of Rightnow technologies is a logical complement to Oracle’s CRM product portfolio to strengthen the CRM service side.
  • Fusion CRM which is completely built from scratch on Oracle Fusion Technologies with best in class functions from all major / minor CRM applications built & acquired by Oracle over years is Oracle’s answer to address the market need for deeper  Sales and Marketing CRM needs

Though Rightnow and Fusion CRM addresses all three dimensions (Sales, Service and Marketing) of CRM collectively, it is important to note that they are not integrated at this stage though Oracle has plans to have an integrated CRM suite in a year time frame

Now coming back to Oracle’s product positioning, this is how I interpret it, If you are looking for a CRM solution in Software As A Service (SaaS) model,  there are basically three choices

  1. CRM On Demand
  2. Fusion CRM
  3. Rightnow

Out of the above three,

  • If your needs are only limited to Service side of CRM, go with Rightnow
  • If your needs are on Sales and Marketing side go with Fusion CRM but
  • if you are someone who is immediately looking for an integrated Sales and Service CRM in SaaS model, then you can look into CRM On Demand.
  • CRM On Demand is very much covered under applications unlimited policy of Oracle meaning there would be continuous support and new releases with better features in future with greater emphasis to Life Sciences vertical, however this is a stop gap solution for customers looking for an integrated suite till an integrated Fusion CRM with Rightnow covering Sales, Service and Marketing side of CRM is made available by Oracle
  • Post the availability of integrated Fusion CRM with Rightnow  it makes sense to select CRM On Demand only unless you are in Life Sciences business as Oracle has strong commitment to build deeper domain specific functions in CRM Life Sciences vertical.
  • As for as existing customers CRM On Demand customers are concerned they no need to worry much as any niche Life Sciences vertical feature definitely requires improvement in underlying core functions of CRM On Demand and that would be made available to all CRM On Demand customers in an incremental manner
  • As for as Siebel CRM is concerned, it is meant primarily for customers looking for CRM in @customer model / managed services model and looking for strong vertical-industry-specific functions

Saying the above, it is matter of couple of years by which you can expect vertical CRM releases under Fusion CRM stack ….

  • If I am a CTO of an Organization and looking for a brand new CRM implementation, I would go for Fusion CRM to start with implementing Sales & Marketing functions, then extend it to services by leveraging integrated Fusion CRM with Rightnow as it would be available in couple of quarters from now and finally in a year from now start leveraging any vertical features of Fusion CRM as and when they are made available
  • If I am an existing CRM On Demand customer and looking for a deeper CRM Sales and Marketing functions, then I would start planing towards migrating to Fusion CRM
  • If I am an existing CRM On Demand customer and looking for Sales, Service and Marketing functions then I would better wait for an integrated Fusion CRM with Rightnow is made available by Oracle
  • Finally I am an existing Siebel Enterprise customer unless my CRM needs with / without deeper domain specific features are fully addressed by Fusion CRM / Rightnow, I may not decide to migrate.

And last but not the least as a CTO, I strongly expect a smooth migration (technically as well as commercially) from existing Oracle CRM platforms to the new Fusion / Rightnow platforms …



2 thoughts on “Oracle’s CRM products positioning ….

  1. I totally agree with that but at the same time I am surprised why did not oracle built / provided customer service module within fusion crm. It is impossible to assume CRM application without service module. Service module can be used to internally track issue or queries

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