Why I stopped using BigBasket.com?

The excitement that I had when I used the Big Basket service first time, couple of months ago is all vanished now and hence this Blog …When I first came to know about Big Basket through one of my colleagues I am excited as well as sceptical about the whole business of ordering grocery over web in Indian Context. Nevertheless I decided to give a try to see how good their service is. When I made my first purchase in Big Basket site, being a person in IT space, I am pleasantly surprised by many of these interesting features that made a positive impact on customer experience.

  • Nicely organized product catalogues right from fruits & vegetables to  Meat section
  • A well performing website without any delay / latency in accessing any of the pages
  • Quicker search results with a real time list shown right at the bottom of the search box
  • A facility to do a quick add of the listed items to the shopping cart
  • Convenience of getting it delivered in one of the 4/5 available time slots
  • And more important acceptance of food vouchers / payment on delivery option

In net all it took is not more than 5 minutes to build my shopping list and place an order against going to the nearby convenience store to purchase these groceries ….

The above is all on my positive experience in placing an order and on I am equally delighted by the prompt delivery at the opted time slots, well mannered service personal, neatly packed groceries delivered without damages, acceptance to take back defective items and payment on delivery option

Now you may wonder whether there is a typo in the title of the blog article :). Shouldn’t it be “Why I started using Big Basket” instead of “Why I stopped using Big Basket?” Not at all, the title is perfectly fine and would let you know why

First and foremost all the excitement of ordering groceries over web got vanished after my third order. I don’t know why but it just happened. I am not sure what Big Basket can do all about to solve this. May be to some extent they could have mitigated it by engaging with me in an interactive manner continuously. They know a lot about me. My profile information is there, my frequent shopping items are known, locality is shared and may be lot more info in my interactions with the website. But I hardly received any communication. Probably an engaging dialogue with me as a customer on basis of the above information via newsletters, emails, feedbacks and so on sharing some meaningful content / offers / activities etc could have retained my excitement in using the service. A company which does a fantastic job on that front is Club Mahindra ….

The next biggest issue is out of 10 items I intend to purchase in the website I miss at least 3. I am sure that I am not looking for anything crazy. It is as common as fresh fish of my choice, fruits / vegetable of my choice etc. The issue with this is ultimately I don’t have any other option than going to the nearby shop to buy these missing items which doesn’t make the whole experience interesting. It takes out the excitement of ordering everything from web….Also if I have to do that why I have to order via web and wait for one day to get delivered. I can very much go and get everything that I require immediately from the nearby store.

So I see the depth of product catalogue is not quiet comprehensive and it will definitely puts you off from using the service. Interestingly before you place the order there is also a box which asks for information on whether are there any items that you are unable to order. Unfortunately though I have shared things that I miss regularly, I don’t see them made available in my next interaction after few days. In addition to it I am not sure whether they have technology to monitor the search results that doesn’t retrieve any items, track commonly used search phrases, track people don’t add any items to the cart after performing a search etc to actively expand their product portfolio to understand and keep in stock items the customers are looking for.

The other issue I felt was, though they made significant first step in proving multiple slots in a day to deliver the order, I don’t find an option to get my orders placed in the evening get delivered the next day morning time slot. Most of the times at the best I can get that delivered only on the next day evening. This doesn’t help me in ordering some of the quick grocery replenishments that I am looking for my next day’s use. I am sure this requires over night operations as well an expanded delivery capacity in the morning slot but ultimately that is what required to make some of the customers like me see a value in this service

Finally, I am sure there is benefit in cutting down their cost by not having any physical store but I never see the benefits in-turn passed on to the customers. Most of the times the offers in the site are not useful and they are never personalized to me as customer. I know any e-commerce website has to reach the scale to balance out the cost of customer acquisition against the life time value they get derived from customers but to achieve it they have to ensure they make some compelling offers available in the store on some of the commonly purchased items by customers but unfortunately I don’t find any of their offers / discounted products interesting.

Similarly the minimal order size of Rs 1000 to delivery it without shipping charges is annoying. I can understand they can’t completely do away with it but they should bring it down to as low as Rs 250 as many doesn’t prefer to order the vegetables / fish / meat etc. in bulk and refrigerate it for the week’s use.

On the whole though as a customer I really appreciate many factors like a well performing website, superb logistics, good quality of goods delivered and excellent customer service, on a long run to make me as a loyal customer, I believe they have to implement some of the above compelling suggestions …

I am sure this holds good for other e-retailers too and many are not even up to the mark of Big Basket. Good luck Big Basket …


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      • Absolutely and agree strongly..A worse service. Nothing good to talk about except a farrago of startles…

    • I fuly agree with u venky. Also, when i tried to return 2 items, they just made m go into a loop and finally i told them thanks for no help. After that i stopped ordering and best part is they never bothered to ask why 😄

    • Dear All,

      My order : EBRO-26300154-010517 dated 31.4.17

      Promised to deliver on 1.5.17 but not delivered and asking for couple of more days to deliver, after 3.5.17!!. Items were urgently required.

      I cancelled the order 2.5.17 and bought those things off the self.

      After cancellation, frustration started since they have processed the refund but Bigbasket “smartly” transferred to Wallet account!!. I called on 6.5.17, for an enquiry of refund they said “it will be processed and after 7 to 10 days, don’t worry, you will get it!”

      Time lap between my payment till 9.5.17 is 10 days over till date i have not my money back

      Will they accept the payment after 10 days?
      Will the given interest for the same?

      They said it is bank process, 7 days, we are in online era!. For our payment they required immediately, but for refund takes 20 days?!

      This is very bad experience, couple of times happen to me. Based on my experience, I advise not to deal with Bigbasket.

      Narayanan S

  1. Good CX story Venky.. Wondering if this could be a typical example of companies where they want to provide services but unable to monitor the sentiments plus do an indepth analysis of the customer need and behaviour and customise the service offerings? Lack of capability or business sense?

    • Well said Manoj. I believe these are the real CX problems to be addressed. I am of opinion a simple act of “Listening” to the customer in a focused / structure manner to understand the real CX issues is a good first step towards putting together a well thought out solution in place …

  2. Good article Venkatesan. You rightly said, its just not Bigbasket but other e-retailers as well. My excitement with Big Basket didnt last more than a single order.

  3. Good one Venky, I think the excitement of e shopping is short lived against shopping in stores where we really believe to have choices. Also impulsive buyers like me have disadvantage. i think they should have open field for items not found but you order which they can pick up and supply from outside. Its irritating when you have 100 items selected but left with one or two silly but important ones like a match box, flower for example for which you may need to run to store opposite your home. But then, there is huge market segment and I don’t think they are really concerned about repeat business as much as spreading reach.

  4. here is my mail to them a month ago:

    ‘i want to begin with complementing you on having an option to pay by card on delivery.
    its really a cutting edge development for card users who only had cash on delivery as an option so far.
    now to keep up the great start, here are some basic hygine factors that should also be addressed.

    i have been ordering from your site for less than a week and noticed the following issues immediately:

    its very annoying to keep logging in repeatedly!
    1. my facebook profile also did not work for login or registration. [no explanation provided by your site]
    2. there should be an option to remember our login so we don’t need daily logins just like most webmails / fb have

    3. search for TP has meaningless results – it should be fixed asap:
    No products matching “Toilet Paper” found. Showing results for “Toilet” instead

    4. we should be able to update our profle / address even when there is an ‘active order’
    simply put it into a pending queue to be auto updated after the active order is completed.
    no user actually cares about how your server software works!
    its completely irrelevant for us so don’t bother explaing arbitrary constraints since most sites don’t have this problem.
    you can keep changing your address right up to the point when the label is printed and even after that its updated for future orders.

    never make your user re-enter data at a later time due to back end constraints since it feels like morons
    [with all due respect to the software developers] are designing your site.

    it also looks unprofessional / backward to those of us who have used better designed sites
    [just look at amazon or junglee site searching / filters as a good baseline guide and don’t try to reinvent the wheel]
    when you have developed mobile apps, try to make it as easy to use as possible and fast to order since that’s the primary purpose of the company [presumably]

    5. when our net access is slow which happens often even on 3g,
    most of the time is wasted loading all other graphics instead of a ‘buy now’ / add to cart button!
    that’s literally the most important part of ANY product page.
    it should be either redesigned as an actual button/link so it loads immediately with the text or somehow forced to load before any other images so we can click and move on instead of waiting for a long time for useless graphics.

    6. there needs to be a way to remember options like
    ‘exclude out of stock’
    so we don’t have to keep clicking it repeatedly

    7. more contact options should be provided in our profiles like:
    home phone
    work phone
    personal mobile
    official mobile, etc.
    currently we have to insert them into the address fields hoping the delivery boys will notice the alternate numbers if we are not answering our primary mobile.

    8. the following items should be stocked since diabetics can buy in bulk:
    any decaf coffee [e.g., nescafe]
    diet coke bottles [not just cans]
    sugarfree biscuits / cookies [e.g., murray not just tiffany]

    larger packs of toilet rolls like those found in retail chains [8-10 pac] and also better quality [maruti brand rolls]
    9. i put rs. 1 k into my ‘wallet’ after placing an order [within 5-10 min] but still had to pay again on delivery the following day.
    only orders placed after top up use our balances which is not required and less flexible.

    just check our balances before printing the bills for delivery and update accordingly.
    else its a disincentive to top up the wallets when you should be encouraging us to use them
    [its more profitable for you also to have us prepay since it improves cash flows].
    think ‘real time updates’ when designing your process flows since its a decades old concept.

    10. its very important to highlight your returns policy and not keep it buried only in FAQ
    had i known about it, i would have been more willing to risk buying fruits / vegitables also
    since we can return if they are spoiled / damaged without hassle

  5. Venky, instead of wasting time in writing this article, better you would have walked in to near by shop for purchase. Nevertheless no one is perfect (including you) and same is big basket too. They are improving let them….

    • I agree with you very much on the fact they are improving. I fact few days after the article was published the head of customer support called me share some of the measures they are putting in to address few of the issues highlighted and appreciated the insights provided by this article on areas of improvement. I believe they are looking into these feedback by me and many others in right context and hence they are improving 🙂

      • Please add this to your blog. Not every company takes its reviews seriously.
        🙂 The improvements BB has done are great. Most of problems reported by you are things of past.
        And they never shut down the shops.You can always visit them.
        BB was a life saver when my husband had a huge backache and I too was pregs.
        Some people always prefer the old ways.Sure everything has pros cons.We too visit the shops and buy stuff.
        But many a times after filling cart too mush we would filter out stuff which we felt we can order from bigbaske and are not immediately required.
        BB delivery charges are nothing as compared to fuel charges and time some people save.
        And also if plan strategically u can often build a cart with value above 1000
        New things that are in development stage always take time to improve.

  6. Hi Venky, I liked your article and agreed with most of your points. It is a great study in customer experience. What I liked in your article is that you did not completely bash the site. I have been using this site too, I like that they have card on delivery option which is something new, But the whole excitement is marred by the fact that it does not work most of the times. I have informed the tech heads about it too.

    Despite the flaws you have pointed out to me, this site works for me. The fact that they have a mobile app works even more wonders for me.

    These are my few views, it was great reading this article.

    • I never intend to bash the site. The objective is to simply share my experience as an end user. I am happy that bigbasket is taking these inputs in right context and making attempts to get better everyday

  7. `Hey Venky,

    Good article but there are some points you missed.

    1) time is more important than money. Now instead of spending 2 hours at the mall in the presence of inexperienced and fumbling POS operators and sweaty and angry customers standing in queue, I rather spend that time with family or lazing around for that matter.

    2) I don’t think cost of running an online store is cheaper than running offline stores. First you need to invest in a strong platform and for that you either need to buy costly off the shelf products or have a strong IT team, Software Engineers don’t come cheap, especially the good ones. For eg Google pays around 40 Lakhs for an experienced developer. Plus more travelling costs is involved than the offline store. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Indians generally think labor is cheap, possibly a relic of caste system.

    3) I buy from bigbasket for convenience, not for excitement. Bigbasket IMHO should aim to become a verb like Google, we don’t Google because Google is exciting, it is a habit. This is what bigbasket should strive for.

    4) IMO, bigbasket is absolutely right in sticking to minimum order of 1000 rupees for free deliveries. They need scale and 250 chotu motu orders do not cut it. They can target the low-hanging fruits, once the top end is sealed. You go from top to bottom, not from bottom to top. You don’t find Mercedes starting off with smaller cars, that came later. First came the big and expensive cars and scale.

  8. Mr Venky…Typical south indian mentality…I thougt u ll write about quality issue or product issue rather u written cheepu issue…which can b solved on phone…m nt big pfan of big basket but ocassionaly order when u knw ur bill more than 1000 and heavy stuff need to buy…it not great but not bad also..intialy thr service was god now may be more customer so ok..

  9. Great article or experience and narrated it too well, Venky, I Even had same experince with Flipkart.com, and still its going on, i bought a 32gb HP pendrive but within warranty period i am unable to get replaced, all misleading guidance they give, where they are not at all selling or do replacement for Pendrives, pathetic expereince it is, so i request people to not by from Flipkart as well.

  10. Bigbasket, like most indian e-commerce business, is not losing its interest. They have started delivering rotten veggies and meat/fish items. So, I think it’s time, we go back to our old system of visiting a shop to buy products, atleast you can ensure the quality.

  11. I discovered this yesterday, ordered and am still skeptical. So started looking for reviews and this was helpful. Assuming that all the good things are as good as you mention the downsides are fewer. Grocery/ malls, may work well for those who live in the heart of the city with all conveniences. However in most areas you have to go to three or 4 different stores to get meat, fish, organic vegetables, vegetables, cosmetics and grocery. So the experience of shopping itself was great. I could get regular vegetables, few organic choices, exotic vegetables ( Not available in my locality quickly unless I go to Reliance maybe), imported grocery and so on. I don’t think one or two grocery trips are avoidable anyway.This is not just in India but even in US, touch and feel works well for somethings. Regarding 24 hrs delivery, I think it takes a while to get used to this and fall into a pattern. Once done, I think it will be smooth and I had a similar/positive experience with ordering organic vegetables in the past. My bigger concerns at this point are timely delivery to not so popular destinations and quality of the fresh produce delivered.

  12. I read your review and felt the concerns are not so big which can affect this business model or put lot of customers stop using services because it gives so many other benefits which you have not considered in your post. for example

    1. if one has a new born baby/5 year old and shopping on weekends, it is such a headache to stand in queue etc the whole shopping is tiresome and eat away your one whole day. if shopping with 5 year old then don’t even ask how the experience is, kids wants anything and everything looks colorful never give thought about money. if you don’t buy they will scream, shout and create havoc in shopping mall and grocery store.

    2. if you are shopping freak and buy krazy thing out of temptation this helps you in avoiding such compulsion.

    3. Some times you will find items which usually you wont find it near your place, like you are planning to try different cuisine at home and need certain ingredients which is not available in normal grocery store.

    4. Choice of day and time of delivery.

    5. Not, all the time you get things in grocery stores near you. even they go out of stock on so many products which are common and fast moving, then you have to go some where else for only one important item.

    6. Why wait for thing to get over and panic, instead always buy when first you feel certain thing are about to get over and left only for one use

    What one should really be worried when they are using such e-retails are

    1. Freshness about veg and meat products. You never know when the meat is prepared and in what condition. I prefer to alway by meat products near your place and always fresh

    2. Vegetables nett weight. You never know what ever weight they are quoting is accurate or not. its not done in front of you.

    3. What is the MRP and Expiry date of the product which is packed. While physical shopping we make sure to buy items which is recent so that we get more time before it expires. Online shopping it take such long time when the items come home then you check and delivery guy will be in hurry leaving no time to check it before he leaves.

    4. Certain items which are used are seasoning ingredients should be given choice to select lesser quantity like coriander what i will do with 250gms of coriander all i need is 100gms or a bunch for a week. it get spoiled if i buy in bulk and store in fridge. Bigbasket offer min 250 gms which is completely waste for me.

    I appreciate replies on my post.


    • freshness is a major concern i currently have, after discovering a live caterpillar crawling in the lettuce i bought. It’s a sign of zero quality control!

  13. I was digging the consequence of ecommerce websites. I was impressed to see you people put lot of efforts in giving feedback. I am in the process of developing a e-store. http://www.hsrhomedelivery.in. I will try to incorporate your valuable feedback.

    Thanks for your inputs.

  14. Thanks for the article, I would suggest you all to try out http://bestbargainz.com and feel the difference, currently it operates in Bangalore, serivce and the quality of the ptoduct is too good, they call you for all your order confirmation to delivery status. You will find the best quality products available at the lowest prices, infact Lowest Prices than other Stores out there.

  15. Why dont you all give a try in “Kisan Mart”.Its services are very good and has a very consumer friendly base…….

  16. Dear Venky,

    Its high time that you revise your blog based on so many people feedback, especially when bigbasket is incorporating these. Your blog is misleading.

  17. I use BestBargainZ.com now..They have thousands of products in single digit special price.they are customer friendly,and cares about customers..Nice Service I would say!!

  18. Thanks, I do agree with some points you mentioned here.. in fact its a practical review. I started using https://bestbargainz.com. For groceries now.. they have versatile products with very cheaper price and customer care is too good. I recommend it to others too currently.

  19. I have placed my first order just yesterday with Big basket. I’ve received my veggies today. Delivery was not prompt to the time said, but that’s an exception we can make. Veggies were not all that fresh and not really hand picked as they say!!!

    As I am new to grocery shopping online and out of curiosity I went through their website, FAQ’s and had read about their “What is WYSIWYG Guarantee?” Which says “What You See Is What You Get is our promise to deliver every item ordered by you. If we fail to do so we will credit your BigBasket account with 50% of the value of the undelivered product immediately. For example if you had ordered for Rs. 1000 worth of products and one product worth Rs. 100 was not delivered Rs. 50 will automatically get credited to your BigBasket account. Please note that this guarantee is applicable in Bangalore and Mumbai only.”

    Upon placing the order, within a few hours time I was intimidated that the curry leaves I had ordered along with the other veggies would not be delivered as it is unavailable. So, based on this WYSIWYG, I got a credit for Rs 3.50, as the curry leaves cost Rs 7. Now, my question being, why am I being charged the other Rs.3.50, just because they don’t have it in their inventory? Its not that much of money to make an argument about, though what I’m trying to point out is, if this were to happen on a bulk order, don’t you think they are charging the customer for a product they are NOT going to receive? Convenient for BIG BASKET, don’t you think!!! They still make their money… Not a good experience for a first time purchase or even in general.

    Anyhow, I did a search for any other complaints by people and came across your blog and thanks to the people posting a lot of different options here. I’m going to be looking into them. Big Basket can go basket other people meanwhile, I’m not going back there to shop, that’s for sure. Hope this comment helps some one, like the previous comments did for me.

  20. Hi Mr. Venky, this is Supriya. I suggest you do not have to change the content of your blog as I feel your experience impression on Bigbasket has not changed. You had trouble at the time of your 3rd order nearly 2 years back, but in my case the 1st order itself i have delivery issues which is in 2015. 23rd was the scheduled delivery, but the person came with just 3 items in place of 13. He then took it back saying he will bring the entire consignment by 25th. Today morning another person came with 11 items and 2 items are still pending. I called the customer service and the lady on the other was showing attitude that it was not a big thing. I had made the payment at the time of order and for obvious reasons I am concerned. I asked for a call back from the store manager asap and till now no clue of any call. I think they still need a lot of time to get organized. I prefer to go to the a super market and get the required items immediately instead of following it up with BIG BASKET so called customer non-friendly service.

  21. BigBasket has pathetic food delivery standards. The product packaging is very bad plus some of them are expired as well. Frozen items are no longer frozen by the time it reaches home. They are cheats. Beware of using bigbasket.

  22. Big basket is either super incompetent or a bunch of cheaters! I ordered for a next day delivery in the 7:30 pm – 10 pm slot. On the day of delivery, at around 5, a text message arrives saying that order is out for delivery. At 9 pm a guy calls up saying that the order won’t be delivered because the casket wasn’t sent. At that late, I couldn’t even go out and buy grocery for dinner or for lunch next day. I leave for work at 7 am, so the 7:30 am – 9 am slot wasn’t feasible for me. The guy said that he will give me a 25 rupees discount on my bill value for not making it that day and that my delivery will be the first delivery the next day in the same 7:30 pm – 10 pm slot. Next day, it was 9 pm and the delivery had still not arrived. I called the helpline and they said it will arrive by 9:20. It came at 9:30, but one of the items I ordered for was missing. I had already paid for all the items and the delivery guy had left. It was unfortunate that I hadn’t checked it earlier. I called customer service again. They said that they will arrange for a delivery of that item the next day. The next day, when the delivery guy came, he wanted me to pay again for that missing item. When I told him that I had already paid, he asked me to call customer service again. All this calling cost me more than 50 rupees! All for what? Their own mistakes? Anyway, when I called customer service, they put me on hold saying that they will check the information, and then they hung up on me! I was running out of balance, so I asked the delivery person to call them. He said, if you don’t want to pay this small amount of money, then leave it, I’ll pay from my own pocket. Now, why should I pay twice for something? I tried to tell him that he should tell the big basket people that I had already paid for that, but he stormed off saying that I was cheap! Is this the kind of service one expects from any company?

  23. My View goes like this…… First let us know what we want from all that we have around. Ideal condition is possible only on theory and practically we have to manage our lives with some + and -. Having preached this! let me share my experience. I found big basket has a well laid out website (no doubts!). But the issues addressed here are happening at the back end where they need to strengthen further. In one of my orders i received a raw papaya and pineapple. When contacted customer care and expressed my views that whether anyone will buy the same from a local store for immediate consumption, they immediately credited my wallet with the value of the fruits. In the next order i went one step ahead and checked the MRP of all the grocery products and found 4 items more that the MRP. Since it is a sensitive issue, i informed them and they credited back the difference. Waiting for the next order to check the same has been corrected. But it is really value for money shopping with big basket. They need to be a bit alert and careful in this regard. All the best BB.

  24. This pathetic excuse for a site is leaving more and more people unsatisfied. There are a lot of other players in this field now. If Big Basket doesn’t get its game right the competitors are gonna leave it in the dust.

  25. Thinking if I had read this article cum review before, I would have saved my time and avoided my frustration while ordering at BB. One big big point you all missed out and I do think it is a very big point — Their customer care number is not toll free. It’s cost is the same as a landline phone. I called them twice and each time got a call cost of landline. Seen it first time for an e-retailer.

  26. The new tagline for Big Basket should be “sorry for the inconvinience”. My experience with BB is just horrible. Ordered 5 times from them…..all the times i faced one or the other issue. Either the fruits were stale, veges of bad quality, or at times the delivery was so promt that I had to wait for 3hrs beyond the scheduled time to receive my order. Had to spend more money calling the customer care than the discounts received. Thanks for such a wonderful experience, finally had delete BB app from my mobile.

  27. Nice article! I’m not sure if anyone else is facing the problem of incorrect profile information. I’m tired of contacting them regarding an issue I’m facing.
    I’ve a completely different phone number and address listed on my profile by default. It lets me edit the information, but reverts back to the same old profile. The customer service has been very useless, hence I’ve never placed an order on this app.
    I’m from Delhi, never been to Bangalore, don’t have any relative living there, yet my profile shows some address and phone number in Bangalore. It looks like total breach of someone’s privacy. I keep receiving emails of “orders placed” and “orders delivered” for someone completely different.
    Superly annoying!

  28. I stopped using it because everytime i go to their site after deleting my browser cookies and cache, they ask my location and address. I understand that they are doing this because for different locations, some products may not be available. But that can be done in a better way to make the user choose between logging in or entering his location. Its idiotic to make the user enter same information again and again. Also, if the user logs in after entering his location then that location is entered as a new address in his profile and there is no option to delete that address. This way, 20 same addresses exists in my profile. They need some good product managers with common sense.

  29. Venky you are lucky..If you read my experience you will know why ……I was also excited about Bigbasket on hearing from friends on Nov 9th and placed my first order……
    1.There was no ack of order or payment ..either by Email or SMS
    2.My Account page..My orders says No order placed
    3.It ONE WEEK and 12 Phone calls and 10 emails…it was hilarious interaction…..they started saying there is no order…but had to retract after I had showed my Credit card debit advise….finally sending me a mail that said problem resolved and TICKET Closed. All this without doing anything…neither ack payment or executing the order.
    4.On escalating the issue to the PROMOTERS and Senior VP…..they assured me that they will look into and rectify the situation and refund the money…….Till this time nothing has happened.

  30. They are big time cheats! Recently after seeing all reviews i went to the website. I had a sbi coupon which said 250 off on first purchase above 1000. I called and confirmed with them and they said its applicable on sbi credit and debit card. But after entering code it showed applied but total amount didnt get reduced. I called and they said it will come after final payment which i did and bam no reversal. Again i called and now they say its not applicable on sbi debit card. I immediately cancelled the order and asked for refund. After multiple calls they cancelled and put money in bigbasket wallet which i told them that i need it back in my bank account still. Beware of these people.

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  32. Caterpillar found in the lettuce i bought from them. Most of the time i buy leafy greens i notice considerable discolouration and finding an adult green caterpillar was quite shocking for me. Just proves that Big Basket skimps on quality checks when it comes to important things like ‘fresh’ vegetables!

  33. Worst Service and Most important thing is their Customer service sucks. They blame the customer for mistakes done by Big basket. I stopped buying from past 4 months.

  34. Unfortunately I had used Big basket three four times, but in the last order on 15th nov 2016 there were lot of short supplies in the order( couldnot check it also as the delivery came at 11.00pm inplace of 09.30 pm), Has been already sleeping, half of the fun of ordering online got evaporated that day, The delivery guy asked to pay in full knowing well that there are a lot of short supplies and like a good customer I paid the full amount. Next day found out many of the items are missing from the delivery and I have been charged . No feedback came from Big Basket had to call them 3-4 times to provide the entire list on 16th Nov wasted more than 03 hours doing it. Then some of the items got delivered on 18th night and for that they debited my complete wallet balance( rs 976.00 ) to be precise. and moreover goods worth more than 1500 still not delivered., I had to make repeated calls agains ( waste of another 40 -45 minutes to make them understand) and even after assurances of getting the problem solved in 02 hours and assuring that I would get a call from customer care no feedback /no call/ no resolution came after 20 hours as well, wrote an email to them still no resolution.
    That makes me wonder on some of the basic aspects-
    1) What was the purpose of my buying online household items- due to convenience of ordering from home on mobile, but in the end I see that I have undergone much more tension ( as having paid but still got no items and any reply from Bigbasket) and hassle which is not worth, Better and much easy to go out and buy . You atleast are waiting indefinatley for the items to be delivered and secondly you are paying for what you buy!!!.
    2) You tend to believe in all this big websites without faces that they would have a very strong customer focus( like Amazon) – but sorry very very pathetic and shabby customer service from Big Basket . I couldnot have imagined and believed it had anybody told me this but now when I went through it Iam convinced that these websites/ companies are still not eveolved to provide a 100% satisfied service to their customers.
    3) I don’t know whether my complaints would be resolved or not ?? but the dissatisfaction/harassment which Iam going through would probably would take long time to go. Very Unprofessional approach of Big Basket for sure

  35. I was actually searching for reviews online on big basket just to know if anyone else was feeling the way I did ! And there came your post ! My exact thoughts on Big Basket. If you haven’t written this, may be I would have 🙂

  36. Great review! Glad you are ignoring the negative comments. You did a very fair analysis of the pros and cons of this service. Constructive criticism is always worth reading, even if you disagree!
    Like you, I was a big fan of this service to start with, but am now totally disenchanted. For me, the convenience far outweighed anything else in terms of site function or shopping experience, until my orders started to be consistently incorrect. Nearly every single order had at least one and often up to five items missing. I had to carefully check each delivery to see what was missing, then wait while the delivery person called to check and adjust my total and then pay the correct amount. I stopped using my card the first time items were missing when they only credited me a percentage of the items cost, not the full amount. That was a year ago and I hoe they have changed that! I finally had enough after a couple expensive smaller items were not delivered and I missed them when checking at delivery so basically paid for nothing. Then last night, 5 things were missing and one was the wrong size, 500g instead of 1kg, of course. So much for the 100% delivery guarantee. We cancelled the order on the spot and had them take it all back. My husband and I agreed it was no longer worth the hassle of using them as delivery always took 20 minutes to deal with missing items, and we still had to go through the hassle of getting those missing things afterwards. I would be fine if they modified the order before delivery when they were packaging it to say “these items are not available” so I would know what was missing and adjust for that. But to deliver an order with missing items and always act like the delivery was correct was really annoying and felt like a scam. I really began to wonder if the local packaging team was skimming items on purpose, or if BB itself was doing it to try and make free money. Crazy paranoia, but when every delivery is off and the customer has to be the one to catch the mistake, it makes you wonder!
    I am sorry to be another person, like you, who stopped using the Big B. I loved their wide selection of items, especially the organic staples and veg. And I really liked that there was no extra packaging at delivery. But the constant hassle of dealing with missing items has finally made me say enough. I’ve tried Amazon Pantry in Bangalore (no missing items so far) and my local organic shop now does delivery for me, so I am not leaving the eretail grocery scene, just trying something else after being disappointed with BigBasket. 😦

  37. Hi ,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I would love to share my experience while buying online meat. I was not sure about the quality and the freshness of chicken so i tried to order it from Licious. To my surprise the chicken ordered by me was fresh and was easy to cook. The taste was good and Licious delivered me in 30 mins.

  38. I agree on the delivery charges on a minimum order of Rs 1000. I generally buy vegetables in small quantity to avoid storing in refrigerator for over a week. to avoid delivery charges one cannot buy 1000 rs worth items twice in a week. Big Basket can consider this request and reduce it to minimum order of Rs 250/-. Grofers offers minimum order of Rs 500/-

  39. BigBasket Customer Care Managers Are Very Inexperienced. I Placed My Ordered On 22 December Order No: TMO-20098168-221216 First They Accepted My Oder, But At Time of Delivery They Called Me To Informed That, Because My Area Is Out of Delivery Area We Cant Deliver To Your Address. But After Explaining My Address They Apologies For Mistake And Assured Me That Will Deliver My Order Tomorrow And Placed New Order For Me Order No: EMRO-20141284-231216.But Again Today They Told Me Same Thing That They Cant Deliver To My Area And Canceled My Order. My First Order On November 1 Was Delivered Successfully And It Was My Second Order. Why The Hell You Accepted My Order If You Cant Deliver It? Wasted My Two Days. It Was Prepaid Order.

  40. I too was a big fan of BB and would recommend it to others. I was also one of the early adopters. Now things are not great as they used to be. My biggest concern – “missing items” with more and more frequency. Also nowadays their delivery folks also do not carry even change for 100 bucks. So when I tell them I will pay it online, they kick up a fuss (call their manager etc. etc.). Recently I started ordering for more than 1000 bucks and if the invoice is just over 1000, BB says some items are not available and pushes the invoice below 1000. This happened more than a few times and now am am not sure if it is a coincidence. Given up now and only use it for emergencies.

  41. Hi All,

    Please Never use BIG BASKET service.

    – Cancel Order without information

    -Unecessary Delivery Charge

    -Without information valet is updated negative

    Just dnt waste your time Please.


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