Creativity is the key to strengthen your social presence

Enough discussed on strengthening your Organization’s presence in Social Media as that is the place where your target customers / prospects are in. But knowing the fact that only 5% of social media profiles are active participants and rest being passive, the ardent challenge is getting them engaged with your brand. Like creativity being the key for successful TV Ads / Commercials, the same holds good in engaging your prospective customers in Social media too. There are several such great examples of Block buster Social Campaigns and four of them that I really liked are below.

The Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic free-fall from the edge of the space on October 14, 2012 at a speed of Mach 1.25 sponsored by Red Bull was so popular resulting in 8 million YouTube vide views, 1 million Facebook interactions in Red Bull’s Facebook page and more that 20,000 twitter feeds @RedBullStratos bringing in huge brand publicity to Red Bull brand.

Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketch” campaign that crowned the award of most viral ad video all time was based on simple social mission by Dove to let women know that they are more beautiful than what they think. Dove tried to demonstrate the fact with a short video where a trained sketch artist sketch women based on their own description first and then followed by some stranger’s description of how they look. The video clearly sends a positive signal to all women that they are often critical of their own appearances and don’t really see their true beauty. Unlike Red Bull a Social twist to the campaign is a clear differentiator to make it a huge success and I am sure it would have costed only a fraction of what red Bull would have spent for its Supersonic free fall sponsorship.

Frito-Lay “Do us a flavor” contest where Frito Lay made a wise attempt to engage fans by asking them to submit their ideas on new potato flavors went one step further to show their appreciation towards participants time and effort by awarding a bounty of $1 million or 1% of net sales (whichever is higher).  The Facebook app created for this was a huge hit that now displays the winning recipe and the winner.  Here Frito-Lay with one single campaign not only engaged with their prospective customers by making them participate and win a bounty but also made a clever attempt of crowd sourcing to probably garner hundreds and thousands of recipe ideas to release new products in the market.


Nordstrom the leading upscale retailer in USA published their products in Pinterest website where people who like a specific product can “PinIt”. Though it is something that most of the Organizations do, Nordstrom went one step further by popularizing these “Most Pinned” products in its retail stores with special “P” logos. In result Nordstrom amazed millions of followers that are much more than many of their rivals. Nordstrom made a clever attempt of leveraging cross channel synergy (Physical Stores and Online Presence) to improve its brand presence and popularity.


Engaging customers in Social Media is not an easy job. Though a million dollar sponsorship for a stunt that world would watch for can definitely bring in popularity, the above examples demonstrate the fact that there are several untapped creative ways to engage with your prospective customers that doesn’t pinch your pocket.


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