Machiavellian way to promote you as a paid customer?

I do love open source, free to use tools…

The freebie vendors have an array of options to make revenue from something as legitimate as selling advertisements with your consent to selling your personal data to third parties without your knowledge ….It is also common that many of these vendors offer a full-fledged version for a trial period (from good old Microsoft days, expectations set well in advance) and post that you are expected to pay for it or offer a product with restricted features for free and charge you for anything more that you would love to…(like say Hubspot CRM)

My recent experience with one such interesting product to log timesheets was frustrating…Before sharing my frustration I definitely would like to give a credit to the vendor to develop such a user-friendly product that can help you to track time across devices seamlessly …I love it from day one I started using it and over a period of time, they added more and more interesting features and created a great user stickiness …All free to use with no strings attached

Though I always expected that at some point of the time they would release a “Pro” version with great features beyond what is there in the free version, I was taken by shock when they started making existing features as a “Paid” one and making the product today as an unusable one for free usage …To give you an example I was able to add a “comment” (very basic feature you expect) after logging a task against a project / task and recently they not only force upgraded the product but also made that feature available for “Paid” users only …

Though the vendor might think this as a great strategy to force convert you, I feel disgusted and deceived….

In this world of free apps with several interesting alternatives and who legitimately makes money  in many ways, I believe this strategy by the vendor is going to earn only disgruntled customers ….



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