Empowering front line executives – My recent experience

It is a fact that empowering frontline executives would positively impact your customer’s experience on your products / services as after all they are the ones who your customers see every day.

Saying that not that many times you would have really felt it as in reality either most of the staffs are not really empowered enough to make decisions or even if empowered, they may not be the right material to leverage it .

My recent experience with American Airlines is a true demonstration of a positive experience with an empowered staff using her presence of mind to create an impact.

Was on a short (technically) trip from Atlanta to Raliegh recently and to save few bucks booked a 1 stop flight in American airlines with a stopover at Charollette while going and Miami on the way back …

The meeting overshoot by an hour at Raleigh but to my luck the flight from Raleigh to Miami too got delayed by an hour. But after seeing the boarding passes I realized that I am not going to make the connecting flight in Miami as there was only 20 minutes difference between the 2 flights ….

So went straight to the AA counter at Raleigh requesting them an alternative.With no options left (it being the last flight), the staff thought for few seconds and said, let me move you to the front seat in Aircraft to quickly get out of the plane to board the connecting flight …

I felt great …though technically it might not save more than 10 minutes, it created a big difference in my situation…Also, most of you may know the fact that AA sells every seat other than the one in Middle row at an extra price in the boarding pass kiosk… (This is my experience :))

The staff not only leveraged her empowerment to put me in the front seat that they can technically up-sell it for some bucks but also shrewd enough to think through and suggest the best possible alternative in customer’s interest in few minutes of interaction …

I know you might all be keen to know whether did I catch my flight from Miami to Atlanta …No, my flight from Raleigh to Miami got delayed further and ended up staying in Miami that night ….:) …Hmm, dreamt of vacationing Miami but never thought I would miss the flight and end up staying over night ….

Image Source : http://www.socialmediatoday.com/



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