Embrace electronic signature & integrate it with your CRM to cut down lead time

Signing a contract electronically is gaining legal acceptance across the globe and its penetration is widespread today in both B2C and B2B space.

Organizations running their sales processes in CRM should seriously consider integrating their CRM systems to e-signature solutions like Adobe Sign, DocuSign etc to collate and organize signed copies of contracts in their centralized CRM system, cut down the effort and time involved in the traditional wet ink signature process and provide a great customer experience (CX).

Most of the CRM platforms and e-signature vendors provide sophisticated APIs that can help you to generate contract documents on the fly from your CRM data (like account, opportunity info), push it through signature process electronically, get it signed by one or more parties electronically and tag it with appropriate CRM records for quicker retrieval for any future needs.

With ever growing support of CRM and e-signature systems to wide variety of handheld devices, you can virtually run the entire sales process right in your palm without any hassles. It also frees up your sales team’s productive time to be with your most important asset, your customers….


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