Schedule a meeting – The Modern Way

Getting an Opportunity to meet the person of your interest during Sales Cycle, is difficult and able to schedule it at a time that suits his availability is a lot more difficult.

The problem gets multifold if there are more than one participant needed for the meeting and these participants come from different Organizations like You / Your Organization, Your Partner Organization, Customer and Customer IT service provider etc.

Though CRM in general, has brought in improvements in Calendaring feature to schedule meetings internally with you and your team, it generally stayed within the boundaries of your Organization. A step forward in recent years is the introduction ofPartner Relationship Management (PRM) modules in CRM to extend the access of the data as well as to facilitate collaboration with your partners including but not limited to just meetings.

One of the welcoming features that I see in today’s CRM is about breaking the above boundary and extending it beyond your Organization as value add-ons

Recently got a chance to review through Hubspot team meeting feature that helps to send out a link in your request for a meeting where the recipient can  choose / select their availability considering your availability too. This is a fantastic aid to schedule a meeting without much of back and fro emails and most of the times if the person of your interest is a “Busy” executive, it is going to be a nightmare to get the response over emails …

Similarly, SalesforceIQ Inbox offers a fantastic toolkit that helps to embed inline in your email a range of available meeting slots for the recipient to pick and choose one that is convenient to him

I am sure most of the other CRM vendors are taking a note of it and it is a question of time to see this interesting feature in other products too…


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