CRM : Visualization and User Adoption

Is your Organization happy about its CRM adoption?.

There are exceptions than the rule, to see a CRM deployed for Sales team without any user adoption challenges. This may not be the case for “Service” side deployment. As for as Service side is concerned, if rolled out, CRM becomes bread & butter and they don’t have an option than using it 🙂

Though there are many reasons / solutions to handle user adoption challenges, one that really ticks among sales community is presenting stunning actionable visuals in the form of reports / dashboards right on their home page that helps them to perform their day to day activity.

Let me present a couple of examples here…Let us say you like to present a Quota versus Attainment report for a sales manager at the home page of CRM. An easy to do option that is commonly available in most of the CRM platforms is to present a “table widget” on the home page like below

It perfectly conveys the information that you like to share as it displays by every team member the Quota versus Attaintment details.

But if you notice in today’s world, it could potentially be lot better from UX standpoint. Few gaps to highlight on the above simple table view are below

  • It doesn’t really help me to compare one versus others visually
  • It doesn’t give me any info on where the individual stands in terms of his performance as of that date
  • Doesn’t provide any additional details to drill down more to understand what makes his quota or attainment
  • No context sensitive actions available to act on it if you notice something alarming e.g. say simply you want to call for a meeting with the underperforming sales rep.

Let us change the above to something like below

You very much see it for yourself, the difference.

It is visually appealing, helps me to compare one versus other, has visual (color) cues on where the individual stands, on mouse over provides me more information, the small circle gives you an indication on the number of Open opportunities in his pipeline and provides a “click to drill down” facility to drill down to the details

So in essence anyone embarking on an exercise to improve their CRM user adoption, better consider Visualization as a key improvement area to see a definitive improvement in adoption rate.


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