MyHours – A brilliant “free to use tool” to track your time

I am one among few in my Organization who has the luxury to use an application of my choice to track my time :), ever since we made that mandatory in our Organization.

The application rest of my Organization uses is a beast with so many functions / features beyond tracking time that makes time-tracking a painful activity. It is neither simple nor user-friendly.

Since then my pursuit towards finding a nice tool that helps me to track my personal time (without much complexities) went on and on till I ended with www.myhours.coma few months ago.

I am not sure whether I would pursue the advanced paid features in the tool in near future so I thought as a courtesy would write this blog to promote this application

The signup doesn’t take more than few minutes and you can set-up your basic data to track your time in less than 30 minutes. The set-up is very simple

  • Create list of clients you work with (Each form not exceeding 5 to 7 fields)
  • Create projects and associate to the Clients
  • Create generic tasks that you can associate with one or more of the projects

Once you are done with the above, you are all set to track your time not only in your Desktop but also in your Mobile / tablets phone too (Spica My Hours).

You can use an On / Off switch to manage the accuracy of time spent to the last second (Simple press “On” before you start working on it and “off” once you are done) or you can do a backlog accounting by specifying the start time / end time or just simply enter the total time spent on that task.

It also provides brilliant dashboard to slice and dice to analyze your time spent and also simple list report to filter and extract the report to share with your manager

If your needs are simple / you are an independent consultant go for it …

I am sure their advanced paid options to manage projects in a multi-user environment with advanced reporting should be great too …

Brilliant job

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