CRM – Data Enrichment and User Adoption

Are your Sales Teams seeing CRM as a BOON or BANE ? If you fall under majority, it is likely seen as BANE than a BOON 🙂

One of the CHALLENGES you typically come across in CRM ADOPTION is all about the PAIN of creating and maintaining QUALITY data. Before CRM, the only CHALLENGE for sales team was to GATHER data that helps them to SELL. The data we are talking here includes but not limited to

  • ACCOUNT INTELLIGENCE data that could be as simple as Account’s website and as involved as the as revenue / profit figures of the account in past three years
  • CONTACTS DATA (includes name, email, phone number, address etc) that helps us to connect to the right folks in the targeted account list to navigate the maze right from identifying the GATE KEEPERS to DECISION MAKERS

Now after CRM, the Sales team not only has to RESEARCH for the INSIGHTS but also has to ENTER it in CRM. It can’t sound exciting for anyone including you 🙂

So how do you convert this CHALLENGE to OPPORTUNITY? What other organizations LEADING in CRM ADOPTION do to overcome this RESISTANCE and make it as a DELIGHT?

The ANSWER lies in the PROBLEM.

Make it easy for the sales user to not only ENTER data but also RESEARCH on required data RIGHT IN the CRM to WIN BUSINESS.

Today’s world of CRM is heading that direction and they provide INTUITIVE ways to automate the RESEARCH / DATA ENTRY activities like

  • On Click a button, ENRICH the Account info right from Company’s website address to past 3 years REVENUE information
  • Search for relevant CONTACTS (includes name, email, phone number, address etc)  for the account and add them to your CRM database on click of a button etc

To make the above possible most of the CRM vendors today provide a huge business intelligence database (sourced from multiple sources including the one like LinkedIn) and integrate it tightly with CRM, of course at an additional cost.

Some of the prominent services that I have used in our custom contexts are below

So if you like to make your CRM a Boon to your sales team, provide the above that boosts not only their PRODUCTIVITY but also improves ADOPTION and helps to meet the Organization / Sales Team’s REVENUE targets 🙂

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