Switching to a Mac, My experience

The first computer operating system that I used was MSDOS during my college days and after that, it was only Windows, Windows and Windows. A month and a half ago decided to take a stab at Mac notebook and a recent driver to this switch was the poor-quality Windows Lenovo laptop I own that went through frequent breakdowns both hardware and software.

Though in general, I know Mac is a better product for personal use, I was sceptical about using one machine for both Business and Personal purpose as I am not sure about the support Mac extends to some of the products (common) that I use in Windows world. I hope this blog would be of interest to those who are contemplating on switching to Mac world.

Before getting into that, let me tell you how this beautiful piece of machine made my professional life easy in general.

·     First and foremost, it is always ON. You open the laptop, you click the “Power” button you are ready and all applications respond instantaneously without any lag. I work with my team early morning hours over web conference and it used to take at least a 10 – 15 minutes of my time in Windows to get on to a call as it takes its own time to boot / wake-up and the applications take a lot of time to respond, unlike Mac. I tell you it’s frustrating at 5 AM J

·     It’s also brilliant in handling back to back mixed meetings, one face to face and one over the web. I can never make it on-time in the windows world as it never responds when I need it. Now I am quite confident to schedule and manage back to back meetings without any hesitations, all I need a couple of minutes to be on my Mac.

·     Second, it’s charging capacity is fantastic. If my laptop is fully charged, I don’t need to carry around my charger to office/client meetings. The battery life is good enough for 8 to 10 hours and it is big relief / great peace of mind when compared to my old Lenovo that doesn’t hold the charge for more than an hour or two. Finding charging points in a client’s place, in an outdoor meeting setup etc. is a big nuisance of the past.

·     Third, it gels perfectly with my Apple ecosystem and the most important one is iPhone. My iPhone is always connected to my Mac when both are on the same Wi-Fi network and it means I can handle my voice calls, messages, hear voice mails all right in the Mac without running around to locate my iPhone. This is a big productivity booster

·     The Last one is it is plug and play. It just detects and connects to the right audio/video accessories for a meeting without juggling around

As far as Business applications are concerned, this is how it works for me now.

·     As an Organization, we live and breathe CLOUD. So, to deal with our customer deliverables, I don’t need anything other than a web browser so this is not an issue at all, unlike my other friends who might need some special software to access environments that might be supported only in Windows. Our internal systems including HRMS, email are all 100% cloud based so this part is no brainer.

·     The second most import set of apps is Microsoft office apps. The same office 360 license can be reassigned and reused in Mac and there is no need for any special licensing for Microsoft office apps to work on a Mac. More importantly, my personal take is office apps work better in Mac than in Windows :). The difference in UX is very minimal to Nil between Windows and Mac.

·     The third one is Chrome. Chrome has become part and parcel for my web access by laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet. Chrome is 100% complete in Mac and you don’t miss anything from access to bookmarks across your devices to Chrome apps.

·     Over and beyond the above, I got most of the other apps in Apple Mac App store including but not limited to Skype, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

So, what is the catch here ?. All you must do is a make the right decision to switch to a Mac (it’s not cheap and don’t waste your money in a better windows laptop) and be prepared to go through the Mac learning curve for a week or two to get comfortable with the User Experience.


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