Are you using Territory Management functions in your CRM?

In my experience, one of the least adopted tools among customers deployed CRM for Salesforce automation is Territory management.

Though Sales planning tools were not that mature few years ago, the kind of features that you see in today’s version of popular CRM software for Territory management is quite compelling as it removes a lot of overheads in managing record ownership and data visibility control.

Even some of the Organizations where CRM is extensively deployed globally uses rudimentary methods to assign territories in the CRM where the Accounts & Opportunities are hardbound to the Sales Users leading to a nightmare when there are people movements or major & minor territory realignments in reassigning the records back to the new team and ensuring the visibility is managed right up the hierarchy

Territory management, on the contrary, decouples the hard link between Sales team and Accounts / Opportunities in CRM, thereby even if the Sales person leaves the Organization, the data integrity is maintained the moment you associate the new person to the territory and re-run the assignment rules

While the above is one of the advantages from a data management standpoint, recent updates to the popular CRM tools includes advanced planning capabilities as part of territory management making it compelling. To name a few

  • Ability to automate the assignment of the right sales person to the right territory in a large organization by running rule based assignments than doing it manually
  • Tools to review gaps in territory assignment like uncovered regions, regions that are overlapping, regions that are unbalanced (revenue potential among territories is skewed etc)
  • Link quota to territories and compare the performance of one territory versus other
  • Bulk reassignments of users to records during 1 time yearly planning activity and real-time runs to manage minor / major realignments etc

I see the above as a poorly utilized function in many CRM deployments and would recommend customers using CRM to review closely the latest features available in their CRM on Sales Planning / Territory management and plan to leverage one of the important features in Salesforce automation.