Switching to a Mac, My experience

The first computer operating system that I used was MSDOS during my college days and after that, it was only Windows, Windows and Windows. A month and a half ago decided to take a stab at Mac notebook and a recent driver to this switch was the poor-quality Windows Lenovo laptop I own that went through frequent breakdowns both hardware and software.

Though in general, I know Mac is a better product for personal use, I was sceptical about using one machine for both Business and Personal purpose as I am not sure about the support Mac extends to some of the products (common) that I use in Windows world. I hope this blog would be of interest to those who are contemplating on switching to Mac world.

Before getting into that, let me tell you how this beautiful piece of machine made my professional life easy in general.

·     First and foremost, it is always ON. You open the laptop, you click the “Power” button you are ready and all applications respond instantaneously without any lag. I work with my team early morning hours over web conference and it used to take at least a 10 – 15 minutes of my time in Windows to get on to a call as it takes its own time to boot / wake-up and the applications take a lot of time to respond, unlike Mac. I tell you it’s frustrating at 5 AM J

·     It’s also brilliant in handling back to back mixed meetings, one face to face and one over the web. I can never make it on-time in the windows world as it never responds when I need it. Now I am quite confident to schedule and manage back to back meetings without any hesitations, all I need a couple of minutes to be on my Mac.

·     Second, it’s charging capacity is fantastic. If my laptop is fully charged, I don’t need to carry around my charger to office/client meetings. The battery life is good enough for 8 to 10 hours and it is big relief / great peace of mind when compared to my old Lenovo that doesn’t hold the charge for more than an hour or two. Finding charging points in a client’s place, in an outdoor meeting setup etc. is a big nuisance of the past.

·     Third, it gels perfectly with my Apple ecosystem and the most important one is iPhone. My iPhone is always connected to my Mac when both are on the same Wi-Fi network and it means I can handle my voice calls, messages, hear voice mails all right in the Mac without running around to locate my iPhone. This is a big productivity booster

·     The Last one is it is plug and play. It just detects and connects to the right audio/video accessories for a meeting without juggling around

As far as Business applications are concerned, this is how it works for me now.

·     As an Organization, we live and breathe CLOUD. So, to deal with our customer deliverables, I don’t need anything other than a web browser so this is not an issue at all, unlike my other friends who might need some special software to access environments that might be supported only in Windows. Our internal systems including HRMS, email are all 100% cloud based so this part is no brainer.

·     The second most import set of apps is Microsoft office apps. The same office 360 license can be reassigned and reused in Mac and there is no need for any special licensing for Microsoft office apps to work on a Mac. More importantly, my personal take is office apps work better in Mac than in Windows :). The difference in UX is very minimal to Nil between Windows and Mac.

·     The third one is Chrome. Chrome has become part and parcel for my web access by laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet. Chrome is 100% complete in Mac and you don’t miss anything from access to bookmarks across your devices to Chrome apps.

·     Over and beyond the above, I got most of the other apps in Apple Mac App store including but not limited to Skype, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

So, what is the catch here ?. All you must do is a make the right decision to switch to a Mac (it’s not cheap and don’t waste your money in a better windows laptop) and be prepared to go through the Mac learning curve for a week or two to get comfortable with the User Experience.


FlipKart – It is for books and beyond

The last time I bought a  personal item of high involvement was a laptop and that was in USA at http://www.amazon.com.

After I made up my decision to buy it over there during a short trip to USA, did a bit of research, took some offline advice from a couple of friends, narrowed down a product that falls within by budget, ordered on Amazon and surprised to see that delivered to my hotel address promptly in 2 days, in a manner that I expected.

I couldn’t imagine such a seamless on-line shopping experience could be a reality in India. In fact, three years ago I attempted once to send a bouquet of flowers to my wife for our wedding anniversary by ordering over the web in one of the very popular Indian website at that time, but it never reached her (forget about getting delivered on time) and I didn’t get a refund for the order that was not fulfilled in spite of multiple follow-ups over emails / phone calls.

I decided time is not ripe for such ambitious endeavours in India and didn’t attempt that till very recently.

One year ago, Flipkart’s aggressive advertisement in Indian Televisions caught my attention and decided I should try once. I decided to buy a couple of books in FlipKart to start with.

The decision to buy from FlipKart is driven initially by a few major factors

  • A vast virtual store with a collection of many books that avoided the need for multiple visits to more than one physical store to get a book that you need
  • A cash on delivery, facility that alleviates my worry of my order not getting fulfilled after making payment (Past bad experience :()
  • Very competitive discounted price when compared to many famous offline stores
  • And last but not the least the convenience of ordering from your place than crawling in your car in bumper to bumper Bangalore traffic

My decision to buy books in FlipKart was not a disappointment.

Got my book delivered at my doorstep by a courteous staff promptly as promised in a couple of days in excellent condition.

Post that I never bought books from offline stores and it is always Flipkart.com.

Also, I started trusting in flipkart’s ability to fulfil as promised over a period of time and my payments were by credit card than Cash On Delivery to avoid the nuisance of having the right change in place when the person comes for delivery.

Two weeks ago we intended to replace our old TV with a brand new one and mentally my first choice is one of the Reliance Stores in Bangalore as I had a decent experience on their service in my last purchase. Though my research to choose the best one within my budget among the prominent brands like LG, Samsung and Sony was On-line, I was not sure about buying On-line.

Unfortunately, my experience in my inquiry in some of the prominent stores like Reliance, Chromo etc. were not satisfactory for multiple reasons

  • The deals in these physical stores were not transparent. Their advertisement in the newspaper was more to promote footfall and in reality the deal when you inquire in detail would be disappointing. To give an example, two weeks ago, Reliance gave a full page advertisement of “Unlimited 20% cash back offer” but in reality it didn’t make any sense as the cash-back was all in some coupons limited only for very few products and the coupons can only be redeemable in Reliance after a month, by buying something that is thrice the value of the coupons. Hmm complicated and I am sure I would never use those coupons even if I buy it.
  • Every retail store promotes only certain models and most of them don’t have the product of your choice that you arrived at in your research
  • Price was at least 10 to 15% more than most of the on-line stores
  • There was no transparency in pricing my old television. It is primarily driven by the price of the new product that I buy and the brand that they want to push than anything to do with my old TV which was not very convincing as a seller of my old television
  • Lastly, I didn’t know what was the feedback / experience of the people who really bought these products that were sold in the store

With those issues lingering in my mind, I thought why shouldn’t I go and order on-line in FlipKart as it seems to provide a solution to most of my issues such as …

  • The trust that I had on FlipKart was high over a period of time in my smaller transactions (books)
  • The price point at which the product was offered was the most competitive
  • The deals on cash-back of 10% was simple & transparent than any other deals in offline stores
  • The feedback that is given by users who actually bought the specific product (FlipKart distinguish between feedback from users who have bought the product from feedback given general public) gave me a confidence on the product that I wished to buy and
  • Last but not the least, their exchange program for my old TV was simple and straightforward.

To add to all the above, the icing on the cake was one month replacement warranty by FlipKart.

Made my mind to buy in FlipKart (you don’t believe me, I aborted the cart several times before I actually did it), I completed my transaction on-line using by SBI debit card where I had a special 10% cash-back offer in Flipkart and eagerly waited for the delivery of my brand new TV.

As expected with no surprise, the TV was well packed and delivered by a courteous FlipKart professional in 1 day, installed by LG people on the same day and it was up and running at my home on the same day evening. Needless to say, about a courtesy call from FlipKart  a day later to ensure everything is ok.

It was a fantastic customer experience and FlipKart being one of our customers in IT space, I believe they are leveraging technology to the best with well defined processes and fantastic people on ground to deliver such great CX (Customer Experience)

Citizen’s Experience at Bangalore Passport Seva – A perfect blend of people, process and technology

How many of you have seen a systematic well run Government Office in India? I am not sure about others but it is hardly any for me …The chaos and confusion in providing Citizen Services in most of the Government Organization in India, makes you to think twice before you attempt to get the work done by yourself…

To my surprise and disbelief my recent experience in Bangalore Passport Center, one of the passport issuing centers in Bangalore, was fantastic. Right from fixing your appointment till delivery of your passport at home, they used a perfect blend of well defined process, trained & qualified people and the latest of the technologies available to make the entire experience seamless. I am sure and you too agree even if any of the one doesn’t blend well, the system would be a failure leading to complete chaos.

It was time for passport renewals for me (after 10 years) and my family members and the journey starts with fixing an online appointment by submitting all applications over the web. The website as such is not very user friendly but yet I am delighted by the fact that even having an option to fix an appointment over web for a Government service in India is really a privilege. Considering the interests among millions of people in India to travel abroad getting an appointment scheduled in your desired date and time is no way easier than getting a tatkal train ticket in www.irctc.co.in. It is further complicated when you have to fix multiple appointments for you and family members together and that too at the same date and time to avoid multiple visits. But once you are done with it, you are all set for a smooth journey.

On the scheduled day we went to the passport office and to my surprise there was only a modest queue 30 minutes prior to the scheduled reporting time. After a quick security screening we were taken to a waiting area where after few minutes of waiting they started calling people as per the batch number in your appointment letters. Make a note that the passport seva office is second to none in terms of ambience, cleanliness and facilities right from well maintained temperature to a mini coffee shop. They are also accommodative to get you and all your family members in the same batch even if their batch numbers are different otherwise it could be very difficult with small children.

First there was a pre-screening of all documents that you are supposed to have at the reception to ensure you won’t waste every ones time in the next set of counters. Don’t worry if you haven’t taken photocopies of some documents or the photocopies are rejected for quality reasons as right there, there is a photo-copying facility available at a very nominal cost. In addition to prescreening the person at the reception puts all your documents neatly in a file and hand it over to you for further processing. This simple step just ensures no one kills time in searching, finding and providing the required documents throughout the entire process. Even if you don’t have all the required documents (primarily address proof & identity proof), they provide an option for you to reschedule an appointment in next 3 days without any additional fee.

Once you are done with the prescreening, you are given an electronic token number in a printed sheet along with all your documents neatly stacked in a file which forms the basis for rest of the processing.

Fist you have to go to one of the counter As as and when your token number is displayed in the electronic display board to get all your documents scanned and uploaded automatically to the server by a well trained and capable service agents (Thanks to TCS). The person at the A counter has most of the state of art facilities at his finger tip that you would have seen in any foreign embassies like facilities to bulk scan and upload of documents to an online server, taking instant photo of the person that eventually appears in your passport and a bio-metric scanning to complete the entire process in less than 10 minutes.

Followed by A counter you are put in B counter where a Government officer verifies all your original documents. If there is a signature mismatch you are expected to correct it there and you are sent back to one of the counter As again to get your documents rescanned. The entire queuing from counter A to counter B, back to counter A to upload the corrected document and re-verification again in Counter B happens automatically without any chaos and confusion. All you have to do is just relax and wait for your token number to get displayed in the display board and when displayed go to the appropriate counter number to get the process done.

After the B counter, there is final verification of your documents by passport granting officer in one of the C counters and with that you are done with your process. Finally at the exit your electronic token number is scanned to provide you a print out that contains all information you need to track the status of the passport in the web / over phone till you get your passport in your hand.

The one wish that I would have is a facility to process the applications of all family members together in one slot together at the same counter as managing it with small children is very difficult. By the time your processing is done, your daughter’s number may get displayed for some other counter and you would be in a bit of chaos in those moments of overlap.

I would wish one day services in every government office in India would be rendered as seamless like passport services and hope this blog article would put in ease someone who is stepping to the passport office for the first time to get their passport done ….


Customer Experience and Application Security – Requires a fine balancing act

There are people who are annoyed about poorly secured applications and equally good number of people annoyed about too many security measures in the applications leading to poor user experience. It is a common sense that neither security / nor experience has absolute limits and it is going to be a challenging job to achieve perfection on these measures and balance them too.

My experience with State Bank of India – Mobile banking application is a perfect example to discuss how unbalanced it is.

I am sure there are hardly few who know about State Bank of India mobile banking application and even if you are one among few, I am not sure how many of you are successful in installing and using the application. The primary issue over here is too many security measures at the expense of great user experience

Application Awareness …

First and foremost I am not sure why SBI doesn’t advertise / promote their mobile application in par with many of the private sector banks like ICICI Bank, HDFC etc. as mobile is seen as the way forward as a leading customer touch point and it no more seen as an optional service. May be they are not quiet sure about how well the application performs?

Knowing the general conservative perception about the bank, it could only be few technically savvy people who would have made attempts on their own (without any awareness) to search for SBI mobile application in Apple / Android market place and install the application.

First banks and organizations should not have second doubts about the acceptance of mobile applications and they should be aggressive in developing, deploying and promoting these applications to delight their customers

Activating the application ….

Assuming you are such a lucky person to do it (the application definitely offers great features at the tip of your fingers), your real issue starts in activating your mobile banking. There are three steps you have to do as a user to do this application

Step 1 – In first step of your activation after installing it from your application store, you get a cryptic alpha numeric username for your mobile banking application.

Step 2 – As step 2 you have to send another cryptic SMS containing the above username to a given phone number. This also returns you a 6 digit numeric password for application username your received in step 2.

Step 3 – Even after step 2 with a username and PIN, you can’t use the application as what you got is only a temporary PIN and to change the temporary PIN you have to visit one of the ATMs of SBI or Branch. In the ATM you have reconfirm your mobile number (It never worked for me)/ in the branch you have to let them know that this your current mobile number (I went three times in three consecutive weeks to remind the bank person to do it and meanwhile in three weeks time interval the username got expired and I have to go through the same process again….terrible experience)

If anyone after going through this thinks that it is reasonably acceptable to do all the above to ensure security, I believe he / she should be an outlier J

Can’t it be made lot more user friendly?

Why there is a need for a new user name? Why don’t it use by registered web banking user ID as the application User ID and Web banking password as the password to provide access to the application?

Knowing the bank already knows my mobile number (I have given at the time of account creation) if I key in my ATM PIN correctly in my mobile application, shouldn’t map the mobile number / PIN to my account and provide direct access to the application?

Assuming there is a catch here as there is a probability of you not having updated your mobile number and worst case the mobile number is recycled by your telephone operator to someone else, I understand there is a security issue, but still I believe it is ok as there is near zero probability of that person knowing by ATM PIN number. Worst case if required you can ask for your debit card number as well as ATM PIN number  as an additional security measure as that is exactly you do in the ATM except that you are not inserting your physical card in the ATM machine…which is ok…

Just thinking one step beyond wouldn’t be great if these mobile service providers provide a web-service that the mobile banking application can use to match and check whether it is the current mobile number for the user and provide seamless access to the application as the mobile service provides can provide by Name / Address to cross check and revalidate without any user intervention?

Application Usage Experience ….

Assuming you are all set and you are now ready to use the application, the second set of issue starts in application usage.

Every time it asks for the cryptic username it provided me. I don’t have an option to change it. Considering the fact that it is difficult to remember you don’t have an option that storing somewhere in your mobile.

Second it asks for the PIN for every transaction even if you haven’t switched to other applications. This is real nuisance. I am ok to re-key the PIN if I have switched to some other application or mobile went to idle state for some-time before I use it again but I believe it is too much if you have to key-in the PIN every-time for every request right from balance enquiry to funds transfer.

And the list doesn’t stop there. There are other issues like, it not able to fetch by linked accounts, payees etc by default. The synchronization doesn’t work and you may end up setting the duplicates again in your mobile though personally I expect everything I have already set up in my web banking made accessible in my mobile without any further steps / actions.

The funny thing on security side is it sends an SMS on every action I do and this SMS contains confidential details that are right in my SMS folder which can be accessed by others without any protection measures. I believe this is a flip-side on the security front and I am not sure why they do so.

Finally …

I believe as I stated in the opening balancing security and user experience is a fine act and unless you leverage technology / put your thoughts in have a secured but user friendly customer centric process, you might end developing a secured robust application but there may not be anyone to use it ….



Why I stopped using BigBasket.com?

The excitement that I had when I used the Big Basket service first time, couple of months ago is all vanished now and hence this Blog …When I first came to know about Big Basket through one of my colleagues I am excited as well as sceptical about the whole business of ordering grocery over web in Indian Context. Nevertheless I decided to give a try to see how good their service is. When I made my first purchase in Big Basket site, being a person in IT space, I am pleasantly surprised by many of these interesting features that made a positive impact on customer experience.

  • Nicely organized product catalogues right from fruits & vegetables to  Meat section
  • A well performing website without any delay / latency in accessing any of the pages
  • Quicker search results with a real time list shown right at the bottom of the search box
  • A facility to do a quick add of the listed items to the shopping cart
  • Convenience of getting it delivered in one of the 4/5 available time slots
  • And more important acceptance of food vouchers / payment on delivery option

In net all it took is not more than 5 minutes to build my shopping list and place an order against going to the nearby convenience store to purchase these groceries ….

The above is all on my positive experience in placing an order and on I am equally delighted by the prompt delivery at the opted time slots, well mannered service personal, neatly packed groceries delivered without damages, acceptance to take back defective items and payment on delivery option

Now you may wonder whether there is a typo in the title of the blog article :). Shouldn’t it be “Why I started using Big Basket” instead of “Why I stopped using Big Basket?” Not at all, the title is perfectly fine and would let you know why

First and foremost all the excitement of ordering groceries over web got vanished after my third order. I don’t know why but it just happened. I am not sure what Big Basket can do all about to solve this. May be to some extent they could have mitigated it by engaging with me in an interactive manner continuously. They know a lot about me. My profile information is there, my frequent shopping items are known, locality is shared and may be lot more info in my interactions with the website. But I hardly received any communication. Probably an engaging dialogue with me as a customer on basis of the above information via newsletters, emails, feedbacks and so on sharing some meaningful content / offers / activities etc could have retained my excitement in using the service. A company which does a fantastic job on that front is Club Mahindra ….

The next biggest issue is out of 10 items I intend to purchase in the website I miss at least 3. I am sure that I am not looking for anything crazy. It is as common as fresh fish of my choice, fruits / vegetable of my choice etc. The issue with this is ultimately I don’t have any other option than going to the nearby shop to buy these missing items which doesn’t make the whole experience interesting. It takes out the excitement of ordering everything from web….Also if I have to do that why I have to order via web and wait for one day to get delivered. I can very much go and get everything that I require immediately from the nearby store.

So I see the depth of product catalogue is not quiet comprehensive and it will definitely puts you off from using the service. Interestingly before you place the order there is also a box which asks for information on whether are there any items that you are unable to order. Unfortunately though I have shared things that I miss regularly, I don’t see them made available in my next interaction after few days. In addition to it I am not sure whether they have technology to monitor the search results that doesn’t retrieve any items, track commonly used search phrases, track people don’t add any items to the cart after performing a search etc to actively expand their product portfolio to understand and keep in stock items the customers are looking for.

The other issue I felt was, though they made significant first step in proving multiple slots in a day to deliver the order, I don’t find an option to get my orders placed in the evening get delivered the next day morning time slot. Most of the times at the best I can get that delivered only on the next day evening. This doesn’t help me in ordering some of the quick grocery replenishments that I am looking for my next day’s use. I am sure this requires over night operations as well an expanded delivery capacity in the morning slot but ultimately that is what required to make some of the customers like me see a value in this service

Finally, I am sure there is benefit in cutting down their cost by not having any physical store but I never see the benefits in-turn passed on to the customers. Most of the times the offers in the site are not useful and they are never personalized to me as customer. I know any e-commerce website has to reach the scale to balance out the cost of customer acquisition against the life time value they get derived from customers but to achieve it they have to ensure they make some compelling offers available in the store on some of the commonly purchased items by customers but unfortunately I don’t find any of their offers / discounted products interesting.

Similarly the minimal order size of Rs 1000 to delivery it without shipping charges is annoying. I can understand they can’t completely do away with it but they should bring it down to as low as Rs 250 as many doesn’t prefer to order the vegetables / fish / meat etc. in bulk and refrigerate it for the week’s use.

On the whole though as a customer I really appreciate many factors like a well performing website, superb logistics, good quality of goods delivered and excellent customer service, on a long run to make me as a loyal customer, I believe they have to implement some of the above compelling suggestions …

I am sure this holds good for other e-retailers too and many are not even up to the mark of Big Basket. Good luck Big Basket …

Candidate’s Experience, Recruiter’s Delight – It is all about Taleo (Oracle’s recent talent management acquisition)

Some statistics first …

Are they good enough to understand why a Company such as Taleo exists in first place and why someone like Oracle should acquire Taleo – leading Cloud based talent management solution?

So what Taleo does? It is an end to end on-line web platform to handle requests for staffing (Requisition management), do CRM (Candidate Relationship Management), Provide a great multi-touch-point candidate experience and facilitate on-boarding talents in your Organization.

A tool to facilitate the above may not make sense for an Organization that hires couple of tens of people single handedly managed by 1 or two recruiters but think about Global Organizations with several hundred thousands of employees adding couple of thousands of employees every year facilitated by tens of recruiters across the globe, the need for such tool would be very clear. These large Organization not only needs a tool like Taleo to save cost in recruitment but also to make the whole hiring process effective and efficient to hire the right talents at right time.

As far as the individual modules are concerned, some of the noteworthy features are below

Requisition Management:  This basically handles the first step in hiring process. Facilitating creation of requests, Approval of requests by Managers via simple to complicated workflow depending on your Organization needs and posting your jobs in a single click to numerous Job Boards, Social Media Sites and Agents / Agencies in a single click. All these integrations with external job boards, social media sites etc. comes pre-packaged as part of the application and I am sure With the acquisition of “Select Minds” by Oracle these social integration features are sure to get strengthened further

CRM (Candidate Relationship Management): On recruiter’s side the tool provides a web platform to perform an automatic “match and find” the right talent from talent database on basis of job characteristics (you can create pre-defined rules to do this matching and identify the Ace candidates in a database of several thousands of candidates), facilitates deep manual search across multiple attributes of candidates to narrow down a select set of candidates for the posting, facilitate the pre-screening process with the help of pre-configured disqualification questions, and pre-screening questions, Schedule interviews with the right person in the Organization on basis of candidate / interview’s availability and do background check with several well known background verification partners like ADP, Ernst & Young, Accurate, Skill Survey, Hire Right etc if you decide to hire the candidate. One interesting feature that delighted me is a built-in resume parser that parses the uploaded resume and creates the candidate profile details automatically in the database without a need for recruiters to spend hours of time in building the candidate database.

As far as Candidate Experience is concerned Taleo comes with a fully configurable/ pre-packaged job portal that can be plugged into your corporate website where candidates can browse through job postings, apply for basket of jobs (like a mini shopping cart), track the status of the application throughout the process and get notification on status change of application through multiple modes of communication. The steps involved in applying for a particular job posting is fully customizable depending on the nature of job posting. Needless to say there is a mobile app that facilitates the access of the portal via mobile and tools like resume parser makes your life easier in getting the job forms pre-filled without you spending any-time to fill-in the required information.

Candidate On-Boarding : Once a candidate is offered a job (facilitates an iterative negotiation process to gain acceptance of the candidate), there is a separate full configurable / pre-packaged “On-Boarding” website where the candidates can log-in understand more about the company, submit all pre-requisite for joining in electronic form to facilitate employee verification, submission of proofs of claims if any made during interview process (certificates, degrees) etc  over the web in an effective and efficient manner saving the recruiter’s time and providing a great experience to the new talents who are getting on-board to your Organization

As far as integration to your other corporate systems is concerned Taleo provides “Taleo Connect” an advanced integration platform that provides seamless configuration driven on-line / offline integration via multiple modes like web services, batch jobs etc cutting down your development / integration time drastically.

Needless to say Oracle has great plans to put together an integrated suite covering all HR management needs by integrating Taleo with Fusion HCM pretty shortly

In net it is implicit that hiring is more and more becoming a marketing function these days with the demand for capable right talents growing at a rapid pace, hence a need for a tool like Taleo to facilitate it in cost effective way is mandatory and not optional for Organizations.

Write to me for any additional info on Taleo.










My views on Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure and improve customer satisfaction ….

Before getting into my views on Net Promoter Score (NPS), let me present you in simple terms on what NPS is all about…

The concept of NPS is very simple where by asking one simple question to your customer “On a zero to ten scale, how likely is that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?” the strength of relationship between your firm and customer can be measured. In this system customers are classified under three broad buckets on basis of the rating that they provide for the above question.

  • Promoters – Are loyal customers who are ready to promote you (Score of 9 – 10)
  • Detractors – Unsatisfied customers (Score of 0 – 6)
  • Passives – Unhappy customers (Score of 7 – 8)

It is to be noted that detractors may still be your customer probably due to high switching cost involved but they would drain your company’s resources by placing unreasonable demands and create negative publicity to your products and service to the outside world.

The passives are neither happy nor unhappy and if they come across better alternatives they may switch to other supplier at any point of time.

The promoters are the ones who promoters your products and services by “Word of mouth” through conventional / other evolving channels like social media.

Finally the net promoter score is nothing but “number of promoters – number of detractors” and it can range from negative to positive end of spectrum depending on how your products and services stand in the market.

As an Organization your next step is to see how you can convert the detractors to passives and passives to promoters over a period of time ….

Now coming back to my views on this,

  • The most beautiful aspect of Net Promoter Score is its simplicity. Betting on one simple question to understand how happy your customers are.
  • The next good part of it is it removes subjectivity by bringing out a meaningful metric that can be used to benchmark against yourself as well as benchmark against competitors.
  • The third one is in this busy world where it is difficult to get hold-off customers’ time to get their feedback, bugging them with pages and pages of survey questionnaire is never going to work as they are most likely not going to respond. On the other hand a simple question to capture their feedback at the right instances (Moments of truth) administered in a user friendly manner can be practically implemented and provides useful insights too.
  • Finally if you are goal oriented organization, this is an excellent model as it is an “Outcome” based approach to measure customer satisfaction level

Now coming back to the cons of this model, these are my thoughts …

  • NPS is too simple such that it doesn’t give any insight beyond whether your customer is willing to refer or not. As an Organization you cannot improve / capitalize on your positives, unless you get to know from your customers the details on service parameters you exceed expectations or fail to meet your customer expectations.
  • Similarly technically speaking I don’t know the difference between the NPS and an overall satisfaction rating questionnaire that you generally ask in any surveys. May be NPS “Value” is blown out of proportion.
  • The last and final issue that I see is it may not work well in all contexts. To give an example in a B2B context, why your customers have to refer you to their other competitor as they may end up losing his competitive advantage? This may work well for a B2C context where you have customers in 1000s that are not competing with each of other but also socially connected well

Overall like any new concept, the success depends on the context of usage, the way of execution and your innovative ideas in complimenting / blending it with other conventional measures of customer satisfaction than blindly getting carried away by NPS…